Euro Asia Packaging(Guangdong)Co.,Ltd. was elected as a member of the second committee of the National Committee for Standardization of Food Contact Materials and Products
Published date: 2018/12/24

From December 16, 2018 to December 17, 2018, the National Food Direct Contact Materials and Products Standardization Technical Committee's new session and annual meeting were held in Beijing. Chen Hongjun, deputy director of the Standards and Technology Management Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, He Ye, vice chairman of the China Light Industry Federation, Wang Yuzhong, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Food Consumer Products Standards Division of the State Administration of Market Supervision attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Wang Xuhua, deputy director of the Comprehensive Business Department of the China National Light Industry Association. The deputy director of Wang Xiaoyan read out the committee's reappointment and approval of the composition plan.

The current committee is composed of 56 members. The members are mainly standardization experts from industry associations, scientific research institutions, testing institutions and key enterprises. Zhang Yaoping, a professor-level senior engineer in Euro Asia Packaging(Guangdong)Co.,Ltd., attended the meeting and accepted the letter of appointment from the National Standardization Management Committee.

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