Labor is the most glorious, recognition promotes motivation.
Published date: 2018/4/28

On the eve of May 1st International Labor Day, with the co-operation of colleagues from the technical department and the production department, after continuous debugging, mold change, test machine and technical improvement, the company's # 1 line diameter specifications was successfully put into production. The production line is gratifying and the morale of employees is high.

In order to thank the employees for their hard work, the company decided to hold a grand technical improvement commendation conference on April 28. At the meeting, the general manager of the company Lian Yunzeng given an important speech, he affirmed everyone's efforts and dedication, congratulated the company on its outstanding achievements, encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts, to stop being arrogant and irritable, to continue to uphold the spirit of pragmatic innovation, win-win cooperation, to contribute to the faster and better development of the company!

Next, President Lian read out the commendation decision and awarded prizes, certificates and souvenirs to the winners.

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