The company leads the formulation of industry standards and expands new applications for aluminum packaging
Published date: 2018/4/25

After six years of hard work, two new aluminum packaging industry standards that have attracted much attention from the industry are finally available!

BB/T 073-2017 "Packaging Container One-piece Aluminum Bottle" and BB/T 075-2017 "Special Aluminum Cans for Packaging Container Refrigerants" are formulated by Euro Asia Packaging(Guangdong)Co.,Ltd. (Euro Asia Packaging(Guangdong)Co.,Ltd. is the first drafting unit), approved and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and will be implemented on April 1, 2018.

One-piece aluminum bottle is a new packaging form emerging in developed countries in Europe, America and Japan in recent years. It is a non-explosive bottle, with light body, low shipping cost, disposable bottle, it is water saving, it tank be sealed, recyclable, durable, and keeps the taste of the soft drink, the bottle shape is unique and the printing is exquisite, allowing it the preferred packaging for high-end drinks. The related process technology is monopolized by the international packaging giants, and standardized technical guidance is urgently needed.

Because the saturated vapor pressure is relatively high, the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R-134a has special requirements for the pressure resistance performance of the packaging container. There are no special standards for domestic refrigerant aluminum tanks. They tank only use the standards of the aerosol industry. The specifications of the aerosol industry are chaotic and are not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Standardization is urgently needed to reduce quality and safety risks, and reduce technical and service disputes.

The above standards fill the blank in the packaging industry in new aluminum packaging and reach the domestic advanced level. Its formulation and implementation will strongly promote the further development of the aluminum packaging industry and the continuous improvement of its technological level, which is of great signifitankce to strengthening product supervision and promoting industry standards.

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